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Doxu Group is a chemical coating material manufacturing and its raw material trading group. Doxu is business partner with the international chemical giants such as BASF and WANHUA.
In 1988, we found Suncheong HK and Doxu HK started trading business for the raw material like TDI and MDI.
In 1998, we found Doxu Chemicals in Guangzhou, for PU hardener and wood paint products manufacturing and sales, and became the supplier for domestic top painting brands.
In 2005, we invested 66 million HK$ built up our facility Guangdong Doxu Chemical Co., Ltd. in Jiangmen, total area 63914 square metres, producing PU hardener, Automotive Paints, Industrial Paints, Wood Paints, Metalic Powder Coatings, and MDF Powder Coatings.
In 2014, we combined all business units together to be Doxu Group.

In 2016, we wholly acquired Zhuhai Liangu Chemical, starting Thin-Film Evaporation Low TDI Monomer PU Hardener L 75 products.

Today, Doxu is composed of total 10 subsidiary companies all over China including the Guangzhou headquarter office, HK overseas business office and 3 production bases in Guangdong, business field covering chemical paints and its raw material, machinery, logistic and financial investment.