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May 22, 1998 Sun Cheong (Hong Kong) Chemicals Co., Ltd. founded in Hong Kong

May 25, 1998 Guangzhou Panyu Doxu Paints Plant founded

April 26, 1999 Guangzhou Panyu Disi Chemical Paint Co., Ltd. founded

October 6, 2003 Doxu Chemical Co., Ltd. established in Hong Kong

August 10, 2005 Heshan Doxu Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. established, with division management in PU Hardener Division, Wood Paint Division, Powder Coatings Division , Industrial Paint/Car Paint Division

January 7, 2006 Heshan production base groundbreaking

August 14, 2006 Heshan Sun Cheong Chemicals Co., Ltd. established in Heshan

October 8, 2006 Yongzhou Sun Cheong Chemicals Co., Ltd. established in Yongzhou Hunan

June 26, 2007 Heshan Dospeed Logistics Co., Ltd. established

December 11, 2007 Jiangmen East-Alliance Thermal Equipment Co., Ltd.founded in Heshan

December 12, 2007 Heshan production base started running

June 27, 2008 Chengdu Sun Cheong Chemicals Co., Ltd. established in Chengdu

October 18, 2008 Guangzhou Panyu Doxu canceled

July 15, 2011 Guangzhou Panyu Disi canceled

August 28, 2012 Funded holding Hui Cai Chemical Materials ( Shanghai ) Co., Ltd.

October 2012 Heshan Doxu Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. increased capital 24 million, the registered capital increased from 41,000,000 to 65,520,000 for equipment upgrades and environmental inputs.

May 31, 2013 Wholly purchased Jiangmen Hong Hao Toxic Chemical Co., Ltd.

March 7, 2014 Renamed to be Guangdong Doxu Chemical Co., Ltd.

May 5, 2014 Wholly purchased Qingdao Hui Cai Chemicals Co., Ltd.

June 19, 2014 Guangdong Doxu Group estiblished

May, 2015 Jiangmen Dojon Powder Coating Technology.Co.,Ltd. estiblished

September, 2016 Wholly Purchased Zhuhai Liangu Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.