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Water-based Polyurethane ...

Floor Coating
Doxu Water-based Polyurethane Floor Coating System is high end floor coating system with its low VOC, low odor, and exllent physical property

Water-based Epoxy Floor C...

Floor Coating
Doxu Water-based epoxy floor coating system is solvent-free coating system with low VOC, Low odor, safe and environmentally friendly

Anti-static Self-leveling...

Floor Coating
Doxu Anti-Static Floor Coating system for workshop floorings that request for Anti-Static.

Self-leveling Epoxy Floor...

Floor Coating
Doxu Self-leveling Epoxy Floor Coating System mainly for parking lot and workshop flooring.

Epoxy Mortar Floor Coatin...

Floor Coating
Doxu Epoxy Mortar Floor Coating system is recommended as a protective coating on floors where good abrasion resistance, high flatness and heavy load resistance are required.

Standard Epoxy Floor Coat...

Floor Coating
Doxu Epoxy Floor Coating product for general flooring usage like garage or workshop.