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BI-401 Water-Based Blocke...

Special Isocyanate
Doxunate BI-401 is HDI based blocked isocyanate, used for water-based one-component PU paint.

DXCT-75 Moisture-Curing I...

Special Isocyanate
DXCT-75 is TDI based Aromatic polyisocyanate prepolymer, widely used as 1k polyurethane coatings and adhesives.

DXCJ-75 Moisture-Curing I...

Special Isocyanate
DXCJ-75 is TDI based Aromatic polyisocyanate prepolymer, contents lower free-TDI and odour, used as moisture-curing one-component PU coatings and adhesives.

DLF-70 Solvent-Based Bloc...

Special Isocyanate
DLF-70 is solvent based blocked aliphatic isocyanate product base on HDI, used as hardener for one-component PU coating.