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  • Fast Drying PU Hardener HDX-50BL

Fast Drying PU Hardener HDX-50BL

Categories: Aromatic Isocyanate

Doxu Fast Drying Polyurethane paint hardener TDI Trimer series HDX-50BL: Low TDI monomer, high hardness, fast drying, mainly for wood paint.



Doxu pu hardener HDX-50BL is a TDI tripolymer type polyurethane paint hardener, to be used in 2K solvent base PU wood paint or industrial paint and must be together with L75 series to speed up the curing time a lot, and get a matt finish. Mainly used 30%± in the total hardener.


Pale color,Fast drying,Low TDI, High hardness,Good matting effect, Good chemical resistance, Stable.


Fast-drying primer, matte finish coating, semi-matte finish coating, fast drying high hardness clear coat.






Clear, colorless to slightly yellow

Color (Fe-Co)


NCO content (%)


Solids content (%)


Viscosity at 25℃(s)


TDI monomer (%)


Solubility in dimethylbenzene





Soluble in esters, ketones, aromatic hydrocarbons. limitedly soluble in aromatic solvent, insoluble in aliphatic solvent. Please test the stability in the solvent and the effect of film before using.


1. Solvents, pigments, or extenders, etc. used should be free from compounds containing active hydrogen groups such as water, alcohols, or amines. It is recommended to use “urethane grade” solvents for the dilution (with water content below 500 ppm) , and ≥25% solids content after diluted is recommended.

2. The product is sensitive to moisture and should be kept in its original container or in a volume tank under dry nitrogen blanketing, for example.

3. Appropriate storage for 6 months does not normally affect the product in any way if it is stored in its sealed original drums in proper storage conditions at temperatures below 40°C.

4. This product is to use with our 75 series curing agent together, recommended to use 5% to 50% as the formulation.

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