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  • Fluorocarbon Powder Coating Powder (Low Gloss)

Fluorocarbon Powder Coating Powder (Low Gloss)

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Fluorocarbon Powder Coating is mainly made from Fluorocarbon Resin and super weathering Polyester Resin, which can be applied to the coating of high-performance architecture, Al-alloy Curtain wall, aluminum profile, al-alloy door & window, steel structure, Marine Accessories, auto parts and so on.


Product Name: Fluorocarbon Powder Coating Powder (Low Gloss)


1)Excellent weather resistance

2)High Hardness and Durable film

3)The Propertites can reach or surpass the AAMA2604-02 / AMMA2605-02 standard


1)Architecture Finish

2)Steel Structure

3)Marine Accessories

4)Al-alloy Curtain wall

Main Technical Specifications:

Powder Technical Specifications

Powder AppearanceVisuallyLoose and Uniform Color
Specific GravityISO 08130-21.30—1.60

Leveling Property




Gel Time


Film Technical Specification

Film AppearanceVisuallySmooth, slight orange peeled texture is allowed
Color DifferenceGIE1976( L*a*b)
Agreed △E
Gloss ( 60°)GB/T9754-93Agreed Value
Pencil HardnessGB/T6739-962H-H
Adhesion (QFH Test)GB/T9286-98Class 0
Salt Fog ResistanceGB/T1771-931000h No Visual Change
Humidity ResistanceGB/T1740-791000h No Visual Change

Weather Resistance

(5 Years / 10 years Florida

Exposure Test)




Painting Process

Substrate Requirement :Remove the oil & rust and apply to the phosphate /chromates treatment.

Spraying Device : Electrostatic Spray Gun

Spray Gun Voltage: 60-80KV

Powder Supply Pressure:0.05-0.1MP

Spraying Rate: 100-200g/min

Spraying Distance: 150-300mm

Curing Temperature: 180-200℃ ( The temperature of working surface)

Curing Time: 10-15min

Coating Thickness: 70-90 um


1.Carton lined with PE bag

2.Net weight 25kg per carton

3.Carton size:37.8cm*27.1cm*36.3cm

4.A 20ft container could load 15tons

Storage Condition

Temperature: ≤35℃

Humidity Conditions: Dry, Cool and Ventilated

Storing Requirement: Cannot be piled up over 4 cartons;

Seal the PE bag after using;

Away from VOC, fire and heat;

Validity: 6 months (If the parameters are tested to be qualified, the product still can be used expire date)


1) To guarantee the coating ratio, the whole powder coating system (Spray gun, HV Control Cabinet, powder coating booth and conveyance chain) must has good grounding property. The ground wire should bury into the wet earth to conduct the static away, which could avoid poor absorption and coalescence of the metal powder cause by electrostatic shielding

2) The static gun should be overall cleaned up and the wash the conductive needle by alcohol every week so as to guarantee there will be stable high voltage on nozzle.

3) The recycled powder should be used with new powder after sifting. The automatic recycle system has auto adding device, which should be checked regularly.

4) The temperature of the oven should be examined periodically to guarantee the curing of the coating so as to achieve the best mechanical property.

Coating Cleaning Methods

1)To use wet sponge or soft towel to remove the dust from substrate so as to avoid any scratch causes by dust.

2) To put detergent into warm water, then clean dust and other dirt by towel with diluted detergent. Please do not use strong solvent and solvent with abrasive cleaner.

3) To wash the substrate with clean water so as to remove the residual detergent.

If there is grease or adhesive on the substrate, organic solve is needed for the cleaning. The following organic solvent can be selected for cleaning: ethanol, turpentine, and isopropyl alcohol

Safety and Health

This powder coating is non-toxic and conforms to ROHS standard. But worker should wear dust respirator & goggles to avoid inhaling excess dust and also avoid long-term exposure to powder coating during process.