Doxu Industrial Coatings Applied in China Resources Snow Beer Project

29th November 2023

China Resources Snow Beer Co., Ltd., established in 1994, is a professional beer company headquartered in Beijing. China Resources Snow Beer currently operates more than 50 production bases, with a total annual production capacity exceeding 6 million tons, making it the largest beer manufacturer in China. Since 2006, Snow Beer has consistently ranked as the top-selling beer brand in the Chinese market.

Snow Beer Factory

In 2019, China Resources Snow Beer initiated the construction of an 800,000 hectoliters/year beer production project in Bengbu, Anhui, and actively promoted the development of a series of projects, including the construction of the China Resources Snow Beer headquarters building, research and development center, craft brewery, and beer culture town.

China Resources Snow Beer (Anhui) Co., Ltd commenced the construction of an 800,000 hectoliters/year beer production base in September 2019. The total investment for the project exceeds CNY 1.61 billion, with the main structure being a steel frame. The project covers an approximate area of 346,653 square meters. The overall beer production capacity of the project is expected to exceed 1 million hectoliters annually. Once completed, it will become the largest production base of Snow Beer in the East China region.

The steel structure anti-corrosion construction area of the China Resources Snow Beer Bengbu Factory covers 150,000 square meters. It incorporates a high-end anti-corrosion coating system comprising epoxy zinc-rich primer, epoxy micaceous iron oxide intermediate coat, and polysiloxane topcoat. This system meets the long-term acid and alkali corrosion resistance requirements in C4 factory atmospheric environments. The polysiloxane topcoat, in particular, exhibits exceptional performance, with over 3000 hours of strong resistance to humid heat, salt spray, and artificial climate aging. This ensures the effective protection of the beer production workshop and factory steel structures from corrosion in prolonged humid and steamy environments, providing reliable support