Doxu was awarded as Green Supply Chain Brand in the coating industry of Guangdong, China

20th November 2023

About Guangdong Coating Industry Association

Guangdong is a leading province in China's coating industry, boasting over 2000 coating and upstream raw material production enterprises with the overall production and output ranking at the forefront nationwide. In 2022, Guangdong maintained its status as the leading coating producer in China, with a total production of 4.9579 million tons, representing 14.21% of the national output.

To promote the development of coating industry in Guangdong, the Association was established in 1989. The association is dedicated to advancing sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in the field of coatings.Guangdong Coating Conference


2023 Guangdong Coating Conference

Organized by the Guangdong Coating Industry Association, the 2023 Guangdong Coating Industry High-Quality Development Conference was held in Jiangmen, Guangdong, on July 28.

Themed with "Upholding Integrity, Innovating for Quality and Efficiency," the conference attracted nearly 600 distinguished guests, including renowned experts and scholars in the coating industry, outstanding enterprises along the coating supply chain, and representatives from the media. The event provides a platform for discussions and suggestions to accelerate the digital development of the coating industry.

Certificate issuing


Green Supply Chain Brand

Aiming to encourage the green transformation and sustainable development of the coating industry, the association has established an evaluation standard to assess if the enterprise are qualified. During the conference, certificates were awarded to 41 green supply chain brand enterprises that successfully passed the expert evaluation, highlighting their commitment to environmentally friendly and low-carbon practices.

Doxu is dedicated to pushing forward the sustainable development of the coating industry with the green value deeply rooted into our manufacturing, R&D and technologies.  We take pride in being the sole company with our polyisocyanate curing agent selected for inclusion in the 'Guangdong Coating Industry Green Supply Chain Brand List.

Green Supply Chain Brand

The award is a great recognition to our efforts in green practice. In the future, doxu will continue to further enhance the research and production standards of our eco-friendly coating products.  We will extend the boundaries of what we can create and strengthen the innovation drive in technologies, product development to minimize our ecological footprint.