DOXU Group has been upgraded to be DOCHENG Group.

16th October 2023

With the strict management of chemical enterprises in China, all chemical factories must enter the chemical park for unified management. In this background, DOXU Group began to lay out its production base since the Jiangmen base is not in a chemical park.

1. In 2015, DOXU purchased land from Provincial Chemical Industry Park in Shaoguan, established Shaoguan Dongsen Synthetic Material Co., Ltd., and prepared to build a comprehensive production complex according to the latest national standards.

2. In 2016, DOXU acquired Zhuhai Liangu Chemicals, which is located in Zhuhai Gaolan Port National Chemical Industry Park. And put into production of thin-film method aromatic polyisocyanate DL-75.

With the Shaoguan Dongsen put into operation, the Jiangmen factory will gradually withdraw from production and undergo transformation. DOXU Group officially changed its name to Guangdong Docheng New Material Group Co., Ltd. as a holding company, managing its 3 production bases and various business divisions.

1. Shaoguan Dongsen has become a production complex, producing polyisocyanate, dye stain, pigment dispersions chips, industrial anti-corrosion paints, floor paints, and other products

2. Zhuhai Liangu became a specialized production base for water-based resins

3. Jiangmen Doxu will gradually withdraw from chemical production

4. Retain DOXU Chemicals as a brand under the group.