Adhesives for Flexible Packaging

Doxu provides polyisocyanate raw materials for adhesives in flexible packaging such as snack, food, frozon food and beverages. Our range of polyisocyanate crosslinkers can help manufacturers produce durable packaging that help preserve the freshness and quality of food, while exhibiting an appealing appearance that enhance the product experience.

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Product Technology Features Applications View
DL-75 TDI Adduct Low free TDI , Light color & Transparent , Excellent chemical resistance , Excellent solubility , High gloss & Good leveling Wood & Furniture , Adhesives for Flexible Packaging See Product
HDX-175MPX HDI Biuret Non-yellowing , Excellent physical properties , Excellent weather&Chemical resistance , Adhesion& Flexibility Wood & Furniture , Automotive OEM & Refinish , Construction & Architectural See Product

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