HDX-960E Fast-drying Gloss Polyisocyanate PU Hardener

Aromatic polyisocyanate PU hardener based on toluene diisocyanate (TDI) trimer. It serves as the curing agent in two-component polyurethane coatings, enabling rapid drying and providing a glossy finish, suitable for both wood and industrial paint applications.


  • Fast drying
  • High gloss
  • Excellent solubility
  • Low viscosity


Glossy topcoat

The two-component polyurethane coatings formulated with HDX-960E feature fast curing and early sandability. HDX-960E stands out for its low viscosity and high reactivity, making it ideal for creating clear and colored gloss coatings with high solids content. These coatings can be applied rapidly, often needing just a few coats to achieve the desired finish. HDX-960E features yeilds performance when combined with DL75, equivalent to desmodur IL 1451 BA.

  • Specifications

  • Solubility

  • Storage

  • Usage

Type TDI trimer
Appearance Colorless or slightly yellowish, transparent
Solid Content% 51±2
NCO% 7.2±0.5
Free Monomer% TDI≤0.5
Viscosity/ /25℃  (CPS) 125±50
Solubility ≥3.0

HDX-960E exhibits excellent compatibility with esters, ketones, and ether ester solvents. It has limited solubility in aromatic solvents and is not compatible with aliphatics. Prior to usage, it is recommended to conduct stability tests in the chosen solvent and assess its impact on the coating film.

Doxu HDX-960E must be stored in a tightly sealed container to prevent exposure to moisture and air. The products should be placed in a cool, dry indoor environment at  temperature (0-40°C), protected from direct sunlight and other chemical materials.

  • Solvents, pigments, or extenders used should be free from compounds containing active hydrogen groups, such as water, alcohols, or amines. It is advisable to utilize ‘urethane grade’ solvents with water content below 500 ppm, and aim for a ≥25% solids content after dilution.
  • To achieve optimal results, combine this product with our 75 series curing agent, with a recommended formulation ratio ranging from 5% to 50%.

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