Acrylic emulsion

Product Technology Features Applications View
HX-AC120 One-component Good film formation , Strong versatility , Excellent chemical resistance , Low film-forming temperature Wood Coating See Product
HX-AC121 One-component Low foam version of AC120 , Excellent chemical resistance , Low foam , Suitable for various mechanical spraying Wood Coating See Product
HX-3015 One-component Good flexibility , Low VOC , Excellent powder coverage , Outstanding anti-bloating properties Wood Coating See Product
HX-3055 One-component Excellent resistance, especially water resistance , High fullness , Excellent workability Wood Coating See Product
HX-3302 One-component Excellent water resistance , Strong flexibility Wood Coating See Product
HX-2004T Two-component Excellent transparency , Water resistance , Yellowing resistance Wood Coating See Product
HX-2017 Two-component Anti-blocking properties after heavy sanding , Suitable for high PVC white coating , Long pot-life Wood Coating See Product


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